SCAP all.png

The Skatehouse Corona Art Project is a small scale initiative to create some distraction in these difficult times. Perhaps you feel frustrated,  maybe you're just bored stiff and you're not able to skate to release the tension. Or you might be looking for some creative inspiration to occupy your children . . . 

- These blank boards are waiting for your creative outbursts, plus it’s the cheapest wood we can offer. Everybody’s cash is low, we know.

- There are no rules. You can use whatever you want and put on it whatever you want. Writing, painting, drawing, whatever you feel like you need to do!

- We have SCAP decks in different sizes, these are the last ones, hand sanded by Kevin, and delivered by our friends at Allstyle skate distribution! WARNING: they are all warped (so not perfectly straight). Not ideal for skating, but perfect as wooden art canvas. Get one and be creative!


Send us a picture of the result and we will post it on Instagram, or post it with #skatehousecap and we will share it. Bring the board to the shop when this is all over if you want it to be on our SCAP-wall and get a free drink! Best design will get a limited production run with 50% of the profits going to our health care heroes. Staysafe. We are in this together.