Powell Peralta Flight Decks are 25% thinner than a normal board. That's as thin as your phone! Thanks to carbon fibre layers they are 200% stronger and virtually unbreakable. You can drive over them with a truck and they won't snap. Not convinced yet? They also have a 10% higher rebound for better pop and a 10x longer lasting pop. Tail and nose will wear, but they will last you at least twice as long as a normal board. This 9,0" deck is huge in every possible way. Wide, long and with a very long wheelbase. Perfect if your looking for a stable and steady board, for pool rats or if you're tall and blessed with very big feet... 


Width: 9,0"

Wheelbase: Unknown

Concave: Mellow


Powell Flight Duran Deck 9,0"

139,00 €Prijs

    Douaneplein 4b,

    2800 Mechelen


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