Powell Peralta Flight Decks are 25% thinner than a normal board. That's as thin as your phone! Thanks to carbon fibre layers they are 200% stronger and virtually unbreakable. You can drive over them with a truck and they won't snap. Not convinced yet? They also have a 10% higher rebound for better pop and a 10x longer lasting pop. Tail and nose will wear, but they will last you at least twice as long as a normal board. This beautifull Steve Caballero Pro Pool deck is only 9,0" wide in the middle. It will feel more like an 8,75" and compared to the 9,0" Flight Duran it's also much shorter and with a more standard wheelbase. Expect it to be more nimble, but still with loads of room to land your tricks on. 


Width: 9,0"

Wheelbase: Unknown

Concave: Medium


Powell Flight Caballero Pool Shape Deck 9,0"

149,00 €Prijs
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