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Independent trucks are legendary, built to grind since 1978! They have high axles and quick steering, which makes them perfect for park riding. As the strongest trucks on the market, they are almost bullet proof and will last a very long time. Not cheap, but an investment that you won't regret. These Forged Hollows have hollow axels and king pin + a lighter and stronger forged base plate! Make sure you pick the right size for you board. More narrow trucks are lighter and easier to flip, wider trucks offer more stability and are more forgiving in transition. Price per set of two trucks.


Size Chart

139: 7,75" to 8,25"

144: 8,125" tot 8,375"

149: 8,25" to 8,5"

159: 8,5" to 9"

169: +9"

Independent Forged Hollow trucks

95,00 €Prijs
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